BLA CONNECTIONS | Series 3,   Episode 5 

The management of cricopharyngeal hypertrophy and small pharyngeal pouches

In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing a lesser-known area of laryngology – the management of cricopharyngeal hypertrophy and small pharyngeal pouches with our guest, Kate Heathcote. Kate is a consultant laryngologist from Poole Hospital Foundation Trust on the south coast of England. As fellow to Professor Jean-Paul Marie in France, she learned techniques of laryngeal renovation, which she has continued to develop, research and introduce into the UK. During a further laryngology fellowship at the RNTNE she focused on airway procedures with Guri Sandhu, our president and phonosurgery with John Reuben. She now runs a comprehensive NHS laryngology service offering a voice clinic and a laryngology treatment clinic in which she treats many laryngological symptoms, one of which dysphagia, we focus on today.

Kate became interested in dysphagia because of the scale and complexity of the problem and the lack of a clear treatment plan. She takes us step-by-step through in-office and surgical treatment of cricopharyngeal hypertrophy and small pharyngeal pouches, namely balloon dilation, endoscopic laser procedures and myotomy. Kate emphasises the importance of treating the individual, considering the risk/benefit factors and the vital role of the multidisciplinary team in managing these conditions.

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