BLA CONNECTIONS | Series 1,   Episode 3 

Taran Tatla on Exiting the Pandemic – Final Consensus Guidelines for Laryngology

As we continue to bring you A Clear Voice through lockdown Taran Tatla joins Natalie Watson to discuss and explore the impact of Covid-19 and laryngology. In this episode, we look to the future and talk through the BLA and ENTUK guidelines (endorsed by the RCSLT) a graduated return to elective activities for laryngology within the COVID 19 pandemic.

Links to the documents and audits discussed in this episode:

BLA & ENT UK guidelines (endorsed by RCSLT): A Graduated return to Elective Activities for Laryngology within Covid-19 Pandemic

NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery

ENTUK: COVIDTrach Tracheostomy audit

Respiratory Papillomatosis UK Database

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