BLA CONNECTIONS | Series 4,   Episode 6 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and laryngology

In this episode of BLA Connections, A Clear Voice, we are joined by Professor Reza Nouraei, Consultant Laryngologist and Tracheal Surgeon at Queens Medical Center, Nottingham, UK, to discuss the exciting subject of artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in the future of laryngology and global healthcare.

AI gives us the ability to classify voice signals, develop imaging programs for stroboscopy and high-speed laryngoscopy and identify regions of interest for further scrutiny. This can all help with areas where we are trying to take activity out of the operating room and into the outpatient setting. It has the potential to impact survival rates and early diagnosis of diseases such as Parkinson’s.

What about ‘big data’? “Big data is the engine of artificial intelligence.” It’s most relevant to laryngology in terms of population science and feeds into personalised medicine. Big data sets can help increase access to healthcare, clear COVID-19 backlogs and, with multi-centre collaborations, it can help reduce health inequalities across the UK and around the world.So, what part will this kind of technology play in the future of laryngology? Prof Nouraei believes that technology can extend the reach of subspecialist laryngologists and be a means of supporting allied health colleagues. With AI and big data, we can bridge the healthcare gap and offer more specialised services with less need for supervision. This technology can make specialist knowledge that takes years to acquire more accessible and inclusive.“The big driving force in the NHS, and probably healthcare worldwide, is to get the right person in the right place to see the right [clinician] in the shortest possible time.” Artificial Intelligence can go a long way towards making this a reality.

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