BLA Connections: A Clear Voice

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Series 5, Episode 5

Navigating Laryngology Care in South Africa with Dr Andile Sibiya

Series 5, Episode 4

Post-COVID effects on the larynx: an SLT perspective

Series 5, Episode 3

Exploring Chronic Cough with Prof Ahmed Geneid

Series 5, Episode 2

Mr Declan Costello on Singing and Laryngology

Series 5, Episode 1

Handover of the BLA Presidency from Prof Guri Sandhu and Mr Declan Costello

Series 4, Episode 7

THRIVEing for Shared-Airway Excellence

Series 4, Episode 6

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and laryngology

Series 4, Episode 5

The Cutting Edge Laryngology Conference 2022 with Chadwan Al Yaghchi

Series 4, Episode 4

Age-related changes to the voice and larynx with Dr Aaron Johnson

Series 4, Episode 3

A patient’s experience of airway stenosis – essential listening for patients and clinicians

Series 4, Episode 2

Persistent Throat Symptoms

Series 4, Episode 1

The Management of Airway Stenosis with Prof Guri Sandhu

Series 3, Episode 7

Dysphagia therapy with Justin Roe and Gemma Clunie from the National Centre for Airway Reconstruction

Series 3, Episode 6

Justin Roe, an overview of the 2021 BLA Virtual Annual Conference Programme

Series 3, Episode 5

The management of cricopharyngeal hypertrophy and small pharyngeal pouches

Series 3, Episode 4

Wellbeing Part 2 with Dr Tim Anstiss

Series 3, Episode 3

Wellbeing with Dr Fiona Day

Series 3, Episode 2

Handover of the BLA Presidency from Mr Mark Watson to Mr Guri Sandhu

Series 3, Episode 1

A UK perspective on the neurolaryngology MDT

Series 2, Episode 6

Dr Amanda Richards offers an Australian perspective on Laryngological aspects of COVID-19

Series 2, Episode 5

Prof Martin Birchall returns to discuss Laryngological aspects of COVID-19 six months on

Series 2, Episode 4

The management of transgender voice with Chadwan Al Yaghchi

Series 2, Episode 3

Patient experience COVID-19: Transition from Surgeon to Patient

Series 2, Episode 2

The Manchester Voice Clinic on Virtual Clinics
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